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Global Bodyguard Service

Global Threats

Global Bodyguard Service specialising in the most challenging and remote regions of the world. Our tailored service based on Client`s geographically, commercially and operationally needs, allows GBS to be almost infinitely flexible rather than fostering any one particular system on to the client, By incorporating the security, logistic, maritime, land transport and diplomatic as well as the traditional medical and aviation industries, we have introduced multi- dimensional system.
We encourage client visits to meet the team, talk through specific requirements and discuss the best solution.

The GBS team then carries out the contingency planning and advises the client as to the options available to them. Once this is agreed, the GBS can also introduce the insurance options open to the client to produce the most cost effective method of receiving GBS services.

Whether exposure originates from natural hazards like earthquakes or the human-driven threat such as acts of terrorism, GBS help clients to understand the risks to their people, assets and services and enables them to develop practical, cost-effective strategies to manage those risks in the long term.

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